Keith Davis - NY Metro

I love running my own business and seeing the impact made over the years with candidates and their families

Megan Durham - Columbus, OH

I love the flexibility and lifestyle that SearchPath provides. I can do the business how I feel comfortable doing it and still have time to raise my daughter. I can do the things I want to do while making money. SearchPath is always there to support me and help me reach my goals, no matter how big or small they are.

Jeff Harrison - Mid-Michigan

I joined the Searchpath family in 2009 during the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression. Had it not been for the support from corporate and other Searchpath owners, I don’t believe I would have made it. As a direct result of the relationships I have made within Searchpath, I can honestly say there is no place I’d rather be!

Tim Murphy - Career Source

I joined SearchPath back in 2007. I wanted to become a part of a team to help build a brand name that is recognized in the industry. What I truly enjoy is the fact that I never feel alone in my office doing what we do. I realize that I am a phone call away from another member of the SearchPath team. The relationships with other offices has grown into friendships and I look forward to building new relationships. Being part of a team is the best way to go.

Kim Thompson - NY Metro

I love being part of something especially working remotely. I have someone to call, I have training, I have meetings where I can collaborate with other recruiters and take back ideas on how to work smarter.